River beauty™ represents the latest developments in complex skin care. The high efficiency of premium cosmetics confirms by unshakable natural ingredients. Proven effectiveness of River beauty™ cosmetic products justified by using natural ingredients in a cream and exclusive technology developed by River beauty ™ experts, which guarantees a complete, new generation skin care.

The entire range of River beauty™ products is produced under the strict control, every batch passes quality checks, all products meet the standards and have the appropriate certificates. We use only deluxe raw materials from the European producers for the creams production, which ensures the perfect quality of our products.

According to marketers estimates, River beauty™ cosmetics is able to fully cover the unsaturated market share of the highest quality premium natural cosmetics. That ensures the availability of a large market target, waiting for these products. Therefore selling the entire range of River beauty™ cosmetics reduced to a pleasant work to meet the market demand and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Aspects of cooperation are the following:

  1. A flexible partnership system, which provides the opportunity of compromise solutions in collaboration conditions with each client individually, considering your particular capabilities and specific situation.
  2. The loyal payment and discounts system. River beauty™ is the original manufacturer and thus there are no any additional intermediaries charges as you are working with the primary producer.
  3. Worldwide shipping from the own warehouse in Kharkov (Ukraine). There is a possibility for implementing any foreign trade contracts.
  4. Marketing support and marketing promotion by River beauty™ company specialists.
  5. Quality assurance and obligations accomplishment with the client.
  6. Company’s perfect image and responsibility guarantee a mutually beneficial cooperation without extra complexity.